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Throughout this year 2018, the workshop ‘The Wheat. Collective Feeding’ was held in Harinera ZGZ. This collaborative workshop began on February 15, with 15 participants guided by the photographer and teacher Julián Barón. Between all of them they have invented a visual hieroglyph on this cereal in its complete cycle: seed, cultivation, collection, transformation and elaboration for consumption.

The basis of this workshop has been the development of a large archive of more than 3000 images and documents on the history of wheat throughout the world. The images used to create this file come from the workshop participants, donations of personal files, image banks or extracted from the Web. All this visual material, texts, videos, news and other unclassifiable documents has been organized in thematic areas, and is the basis of the publication that we present through the eltrigoalimentacioncolectiva.org web application. The form of this application collects different data about the relationship of the reader with the wheat, which generates a personalized publication as a recipe, which can be downloaded in PDF, edited, expanded, reduced, printed, bound and shared.

During the collection of visual and written information on wheat, a set of Actions have been created and have served to generate the work material in the workshop. The call to the collective creation of the archive has been made through the following actions: Oral Memory of Wheat, Public Action, Museum of Modern Art, Department of Wheat, Surplus of quota, Bank of seeds, Hands in the dough ( Home Recipe Book), Fiction and Wheat, Learning Landscape on Wheat, We're Looking for Celiac and Wheat in Your Family Album?

Organized by Harinera ZGZ.

App Web for selfpublishing: eltrigoalimentacioncolectiva.org

Archive eltrigoalimentacioncolectiva.tumblr.com